Deploying the system

To build Headwind MDM for server deployment, the following steps must be performed:

  • Configure the web application properties in server/
  • Build the main web app.
    cp server/ server/
    vim server/
    mvn install

After the successful build, you must get the web console WAR file at the following location: server/target/launcher.war.

The software is deployed by creating the PostgreSQL database and running the installer script:

    bash ./

More details about the installation can be found here.

Building in IDEA for debugging

To update and debug the system, open a project in IntelliJ IDEA (Maven project). All submodules will be imported together with the root Maven project.

Building Headwind MDM in IDEA

To test and debug the project, the following Maven configuration must be added:

Headwind MDM Maven configuration

Building miscellaneous components

To build Swagger UI, use the following commands:

cd swagger/ui
mvn package