TL; DR: We share 50% revenue with resellers

Pricing scheme for the resellers of Premium (closed-code, single-domain) licenses

First license
More licenses

Headwind MDM end users – who are your clients?

If you’d like to resell Headwind MDM, you may be interested who are the end users. We have many customers worldwide, and there are three large customer groups.

“Offline business” users

MDM in offline business

The first group includes companies engaged in retail sales, wholesales, transportation and delivery of goods, and similar. These companies are not advanced in informative technologies, they are automating work of field staff by Android tablets managed manually by an IT officer.

The decision to implement a mobile device management system could be initiated by an IT officer, whereas top management rarely knows much about the power of MDM systems.

Offline business customers are perfect targets for Headwind MDM software resellers. A local reseller could demonstrate the software to the management, set it up according to the business requirements, and train the users face-to-face. At least, you speak the same language as your customer.

These customers do not need source code, and they usually order the Premium license with unlimited number of devices and one dedicated domain.

Tech startups

MDM usage in tech startups

Another large group includes tech startups. A typical use case is the invention of some device including Android tablet as a component (a display).

These companies are interested in deep integration of their software with the Headwind MDM code. They typically ask a lot of technical questions, apply for code customizations and adaptations, request rebuilding the software from source codes and signing by the platform keys, and send other IT-related inquiries. They are mostly interested in the Enterprise package which, despite having less business features, is open-source and includes engineering services.

We would not recommend to begin your reseller experience with selling Headwind MDM to such the customer, to avoid being involved in complicated technical conversations. Just recommend us and we will be very grateful to you!

State companies

State services

As the last customer group, we could mention state companies. Their technical demands for MDM systems are mostly similar to the first customer group, however deal processing and completion in state companies may be too complex (which is usually called “Bureaucracy”). If you know how to deliver solutions to state companies of your country, this may be a good reselling opportunity for you.

MDM cloud hosting

Another option to resell Headwind MDM is to provide “Software as a Service” (SAAS). This option may be interesting to small business customers, who would like to manage just a few Android devices.

To resell Headwind MDM as a SAAS, you need to purchase the Premium license, no additional payments are required. We will turn on “Multi-Tenancy” and teach you how to add new customers in the system.


As a reseller, you can get a rebranded or whitelabeled MDM system. We will change the application name, logo, and copyright. This service is provided to the customers of Premium package at no cost.

What about the end-user support?

We are happy to provide technical support to your end users. However we can only provide support in English, and we cannot look at the end user’s mobile device and perform instant diagnostics. So redirecting end users to us may cause delays in technical support and, finally, bad overall opinion about the MDM service.

Therefore, we would prefer teaching you how to provide support for Headwind MDM. We have a large Questions and Answers forum indexed by Google. So, basically, you can just ask your question to Google, and in many cases you will find an answer on our Q&A forum.

Start earning revenue!

To become a reseller, just tell us that you want to be a reseller. You will get two Premium licenses for the price of one (we know the second deal is the hardest for resellers to complete). If you manage to sell Headwind MDM to two customers, further licenses will be sold to you with the 50% discount.

Interested in providing MDM services to your clients and earning more revenue from your customer database? Contact us for details and demo!