Headwind MDM is open source. So what are we selling then?

Code and licenses Solution and support

  • The client wants to manage his mobile devices, and he gets them managed.
  • The client works with the software, and he wants to be sure he can get help if something would go wrong.

The Enterprise license includes system launch and support for one domain (the domain is one server and an unlimited set of managed mobile devices).

How can you earn money?


If you are an experienced tech expert, we are happy to train you so you could provide the solution and support to any amount of your clients. This will require one Enterprise license and further yearly subscription for support and updates. So you will get the latest version, and will be sure you can get help if something will go wrong.

This option may include multi-tenant solution in case you would like to host customers with small number of managed devices on your premises. Also, you can provide the service under your own brand.


If you know two or more companies interested to setup the MDM solution, you can resell our software and get profit as a sales. The launch works and/or client support can be delegated to us. You will get discounts to Enterprise license starting from 30% and more (depends on what would you like to delegate to us) for your second and further deals.

If you already have a potential client, we can start working together with you to show you how things are going. You will see how the system is launched, what are the pitfalls during the system installation and operation.

Enterprise license options

1. Setup and launch*

  • Analysis of the customer requirements
  • Software installation and configuration for testing purposes
  • Help installing the MDM agent on mobile devices
  • Training customer personnel to maintain the software
  • Help setting up the production environment (domain name, SSL certificates)

2. Ticket-based support*

  • Issue diagnostics
  • Support on customer premises
  • Expedited bugfixes

3. Access to Enterprise source code repository

  • Get the latest security updates and features
  • Maintain your custom branch of the MDM software
  • Software rebranding

*For regular users, launch works and support are provided for one domain only. For resellers, the support is not limited by domains but limited by a number of tickets (10 tickets per month). This limit can be increased for an additional fee.

Reseller discounts

The first license fee must be paid in full.

Exception: if you can contribute by translating Headwind MDM to your native language, you get a 50% discount for the first license fee.

For further deals, you are getting the reseller discounts.

Installation and support are provided by Headwind
Installation and support is provided by Headwind (option for contributors)
Installation is provided by Headwind, support is provided by you
Installation and support are provided by you

* Headwind MDM is open source so you can install it to multiple clients without additional charge. However you will still need “Tier 3” support for difficult cases. The more clients you have, the more support tickets you will need to open. The standard support plan is limited to 10 tickets per month. If you feel that you need more support, you can extend your support plan for an additional fee.

Interested in providing MDM services? Contact us for details and demo!