Mobile kiosk: what’s this?

Kiosk mode in MDM

Kiosks are standalone devices running a single task (single-use) or sometimes multiple tasks. The operating system user interface must be hidden and the user shouldn’t be able to access system functions. Devices operating in kiosk mode are a special type of enterprise devices. Using the device as a kiosk is probably the most popular option on the corporate Android device market.

Managed kiosk

The kiosk software requires regular updates, and the managers need to observe the status of their kiosks.

Headwind MDM Enterprise includes the Android device facility to operate as an automatically updated mobile kiosk.

The QR code enrollment (Android 7.0 Nougat and higher versions) allows the mobile device management application to turn on the “Device lock” (Corporate-Owner Single Usage or COSU) mode. After the device is locked, the user can only see the “Back” button, whereas Home and Recents are blocked and invisible. The status bar appears as a black line. The full-screen, or immersive, mode completely hides the navigation and status bars, making the device look like a kiosk.

Devices prior to Android 7.0 Nougat may run the single-task mode by blocking the status bar expansion and system buttons.

Kiosk maintenance: how to exit the locked mode?

The engineer mode on the device is hidden and protected by a password.

Headwind MDM platform permits the administrator to turn the kiosk mode on and off, manage and update the content application, and change the engineer password.

The manual how to exit kiosk mode and perform the device maintenance can be found in the “Q&A” section.