Who are the users?

Many companies have a fleet of vehicles. Vehicles travel from one destination to another according to their waybills. Drives usually manage their work using a corporate tablet installed in the vehicle.

Most drivers aren’t tech-savvy, so software issues may deprive them of a necessary tool. Also, it’s often necessary to update the waybill online and track vehicle location.

Case study: garbage disposal

As a case study, we describe the installation of Headwind MDM in a garbage disposal company. The company employees (drivers) used third-party mobile software, which wasn’t very reliable and required frequent updates. It was also important to prevent drivers from violating the waybill.

To help the company IT manager complete these tasks, our team setup Headwind MDM Enterprise on all corporate mobile phones. Some devices didn’t support MDM mode because they were running Android 5.1, so the IT manager needed to track the integrity of corporate software versions.

After a two-month test period, the company took the mobile device management system into commercial operation and included the software in its business processes. The implementation sped up user feedback to the software developers, as well as the deployment of updated mobile applications to the company’s phones.