Save resources for technical support

Android application development companies can use Headwind MDM to simplify technical support for their corporate clients.

Below are the benefits of Headwind MDM for developers:

  • Remote application update
  • Maintain different configurations for different user groups
  • Remote logging (if Headwind MDM API is used)
  • Deploying and managing application settings (if Headwind MDM API is used)

Headwind MDM Community Edition is designed specifically for developers. It’s free and open-source.

Downgrade Android applications

Although every mobile application update is thoroughly tested on a focus group prior to production mode deployment, sometimes an unstable version is sent to users, which entails a great deal of work to manually downgrade the version.

Headwind MDM automates the downgrade process and makes it fully remote.

Note that Android doesn’t allow downgrades without uninstallation, so users may lose their application data after a downgrade.

Custom development

Headwind MDM API makes it easier to develop custom mobile applications with back-end functions as Headwind MDM plugins. The backend is developed as a Java code for Tomcat, and Headwind MDM design makes it easy to re-use the developed plugins.

Enterprise edition resellers

After using the free Community Edition, some companies choose to upgrade to Enterprise and ask their IT support companies about the process. We’re happy to discuss Enterprise Edition reselling options and rewards with development and technical support companies.