Open source remote control of Android devices

If you need to help your users remotely, you can order an optional component of Headwind MDM for remote control of mobile devices. The aPuppet plugin is installed on each mobile device. Once a remote support is requested, you just click a “Remote Control” submenu item in the device list. Headwind MDM launcher automatically starts the agent which establishes connection between the remote control agent and the browser application, shares the screen of a mobile device, and plays gestures you’re making.

Remote Control Android Plugin

Why control devices remotely?

The aPuppet plugin can help you and your users in various situations, for instance:

  • Troubles with a third party application;
  • Improper work or faults of a mobile device;
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting of a standalone kiosk.

The mobile agent is started remotely and automatically starts the support session without any user interaction from the device side.

Open source and platform-independent software

aPuppet remote control software consists of a mobile agent, a server and a web application. The server is running inside a Docker container and can be installed onto any Linux server (however Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and above is recommended). The web application works in any web browser supporting WebRTC, for example, Chrome, doesn’t require any additional desktop software to be installed, and is platform-independent.

The aPuppet server doesn’t interfere with Headwind MDM server because they are using different TCP and UDP ports. They can work together on the same machine.

All modules of the remote control software are delivered with open source, including the aPuppet Premium (a Premium package is required to integrate with Headwind MDM).

How to try?

  • The aPuppet remote control agent is available in Google Play. Download and install this app for performing a quick demo.
  • You can build and install the Community version on your server, by using the aPuppet website.
  • To get the remote control plugin (and aPuppet Premium), please contact us!

We hope the remote support plugin will save your work time and increases the productivity of your users!