What is Knox?

Knox is the solution for corporate Android devices developed by Samsung. Mobile devices powered by Knox are specially designed for corporate usage. Knox provides the enhanced security, many options for device management, and infrastructure for resellers, IT admins, and MDM solution providers.

Are my tablets supporting Knox?

First of all (maybe an obvious fact): only Samsung devices support Knox.

If you already have a fleet of tablets or smartphones, check out the Knox support in Android settings. The “About” section should contain the version of Knox.

If devices are not yet purchased, choose an appropriate model by using this Knox compatibility list. It is recommended to purchase mobile devices from authorized resellers, here’s their list.

Headwind MDM on Knox devices

Headwind MDM is compatible with all Samsung devices using Knox 2.8 and above. By using the Knox SDK, Headwind MDM can provide users with several extra features.

  • URL, call and SMS filtering. IT admins can set up whitelists and blacklists for URLs (domains), calls and SMS.
  • More secure operation. Knox policies are permanent, and devices are protected against occasional or intentional removal of the MDM application.
  • Smooth enrollment flow. Devices can be enrolled by non-experienced users, because Headwind MDM uses Knox SDK to grant all required permissions and determine the device numbers automatically.
  • Management of preconfigured devices. Resetting a device to factory defaults is not required. If you do not want to erase devices, just install Headwind MDM APK and grant the device administrator permissions. Knox SDK will enable full functionality of the MDM application.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) is a solution for fast corporate enrollment in bulk, similar to Google’s Zero Touch Enrollment. Once you’re purchasing a fleet of devices from an authorized reseller, all you need to do is to set up a MDM profile in the KME console. The devices will be automatically configured at first start.

To use Knox Mobile Enrollment, you need to sign up as an IT admin on the Knox website.

If your supplier is not authorized as a KME reseller, you can still use KME to enroll your devices. Configure one of your devices as an “enrollment station” by installing a Knox Deployment app from Google Play. Devices are enrolled in bulk using NFC, Bluetooth, or QR code.

If you’re enrolling the device using KME, you can be sure that a user won’t misuse it. Even after a factory reset, the device will be automatically returned to the corporate profile.

Step-by-step KME enrollment manual >>

Should I pay extra for using Knox?

No, you shouldn’t! At this time, Headwind MDM uses only standard Knox SDK which doesn’t require any extra payments or subscriptions. The prices of Headwind MDM products can be found here.

Start managing Knox devices

Knox-powered devices require a special version of Headwind MDM mobile agent. Please contact us for more information.

If you are an experienced Headwind MDM user, then you can download and install the mobile agent yourself by using the link below. Note that this build will not work on Android devices not supporting Knox!

Devices can be enrolled either by using a standard Android QR code based flow, or by following Knox Mobile Enrollment guidelines.