Who are the users?

Merchandisers are responsible for the product appearance on store shelves. They’re required for any manufacturing or wholesale company. Merchandisers travel from store to according to their daily schedule.

Merchandisers often use corporate-owned tablets that have special software installed. Since most of them aren’t tech-savvy, most software issues require significant effort to resolve.

Another issue is misuse of the tablets: gaming, social networking, excess traffic consumption, which reduces employee productivity and incurs additional expense due to excessive traffic.

Benefits of Headwind MDM

The installation of Headwind MDM (Enterprise edition) on the tablets of a manufacturing or wholesale company would improve the overall productivity of merchandisers:

– Tablets are locked: only required applications are installed
– Access to device settings is disabled so users aren’t able to break the device
– Corporate software is up to date on all devices
– User status can be tracked on the server

The installation of a mobile device management system may save up to 4-8 hours of use by unskilled staff (merchandisers) and up to 1-2 (average) hours of use by qualified engineers per month per device.