How to choose the right hardware?

Based on our experience of managing up to 50.000 mobile devices, we recommend using the following hardware for production systems.

200 devices or less

Any virtual machine will work. We recommend 4Gb RAM, 1xCPU, 20GB SSD storage.

200-1000 devices

For the average number of devices we recommend a virtual machine having 8Gb RAM, 2xCPU, 50Gb SSD storage.

1000-5000 devices

This number of devices produces significant load. We recommend a powerful virtual machine or a dedicated server: 16Gb RAM, 4xCPU, 200Gb SSD storage.

5000-20000 devices

Consider using two dedicated servers (32Gb RAM, 6xCPU, 200Gb SSD storage), one runs the database, and another will be used for the web server.

>20000 devices

This number of managed devices requires special treatment. You may need to hire an expert in high load systems and develop the high-performance cluster according to the Headwind MDM network topology.