IT Manager duties

The main duties of the IT manager are:

  • provide their employer with reliable IT infrastructure
  • support non-tech-savvy users to avoid delays due to hardware and software issues
  • interaction with custom software manufacturers (if any)

Mobile device management issues

Unlike desktop PCs, mobile devices are usually hard to embed into the company IT infrastructure. Unmanaged devices must often be brought to the IT office, manually reviewed for possible issues, and repaired. Although a repair may take only a minute, work delays may last for hours.

Headwind MDM is an easy way to manage corporate-owned devices and keep third-party software up to date.

Since enrollment is done by simply scanning a QR-code, the software installation may be delegated to remote unqualified staff, thus saving the IT manager’s resources.

Integration of third-party mobile applications into the MDM system makes it easier for developers to find bugs in their software. The IT manager shouldn’t spend much time performing any tests.

How to start integration?

We recommend starting with the free and open-source Headwind MDM Community because it’s still a powerful tool simplifying mobile device management. Once the company management requires more capabilities, the installation may be upgraded to the Enterprise edition.