Step 1. Analysis and initial inquiry

Looking for the solution

What should the mobile device management system do in your company?

As a first step, you, as a person responsible for mobile device management, must decide to implement the MDM system. Request us for the demo version and send us the list of required features.

Notice: if Headwind MDM doesn’t fit all your requirements, we can discuss whether the requested features are planned to be developed in future releases, or our programmers could develop the new custom modules specially designed for your company.

Step 2. Testing by a responsible person

Testing the mobile device management

We set up a demo version for you.

You can use either our web panel (an easy way), or install Headwind MDM on your premises.

At this stage, you study how the system works and how it could be managed. We assist you in each step of installation, help you to configure the software, and adjust the profile for your mobile devices.

As a rule, after successful tests, the company makes a decision to purchase the full (Enterprise) version of Headwind MDM.

Step 3. Pilot implementation

Pilot of MDM software

The configuration developed during the previous step is cloned onto the pilot group of employees. Users evaluate Headwind MDM and provide feedback to you. All issues are resolved together with Headwind MDM technical support team.

At this stage, you can start to write your own list of frequently asked questions for further technical support, or use our database of Headwind MDM questions and answers.

Step 4. Full implementation

Full implementation of MDM

After the successful pilot implementation, the configuration is scaled to all company’s work groups.

You, as a system administrator, become a first tier of technical support. For that purpose, you can use your list of frequently asked questions as well as our Q&A database.

You are also responsible to keep track of new versions and install them if required.

Headwind MDM support is a second tier of technical support. You can send us complicated issues and we would be happy to resolve them during business hours.

Step 5. Further development

MDM development

Companies using Headwind MDM often request new functions after some months of successful operation. We are happy to discuss these requests with an appropriate person. The new functions can be included in our roadmap, or we can develop custom modules for your company.

Sometimes a requested function doesn’t correspond to MDM system itself (because it is the shell software designed to manage and run other applications), but could be implemented by third party apps. In this case, we will help you to select the best application so your company would get the required feature as soon as possible.