A Powerful Open Source Platform to Manage your Enterprise Android Devices

  • Quick and Easy to Install “Out of the Box”
  • Compatible with Most Android Devices
  • Manages Devices in Closed Private Networks
  • Premium: All Must-Have MDM Features

What’s this and how does it work?

Scaling of your business requires proper management. The MDM software is a smart manager of your enterprise tablets, smartphones, kiosks, and digital signage systems. It’s particularly useful to manage unattended devices, replacing hours of maintenance work by a few mouse clicks!

Group-based policy management forces hundreds of devices to work in the same way, thus making business processes clearer and easier.

Device status control makes it easy to find problems with enterprise devices and take actions to fix them in a timely manner.

Remote support simplifies the IT manager’s work to resolve issues and correct faults.

1 Profile setup

System administrator configures the work profile (apps and services)

2 Device enrollment

Devices are promptly configured by QR code scanning, no advanced IT skill is required

3 Usage by staff

Managed mobile device can be used for business purposes only

Spare your resources!

Headwind MDM optimizes employee work hours!

Each managed device may save up to 4 – 6 user hours and 1 – 2 IT manager hours per month.

100 managed devices =

up to 800 saved hours per month!

  • More efficient workflow
  • No conflicts with IT managers
  • Higher employee loyalty

Why Headwind MDM?

• Open-source

Headwind MDM Community is published on GitHub. Enterprise licenses with open source are available

• Standalone

The software doesn’t use any cloud services. It can run on your premises, even without Internet connection (LAN or VPN)

• Integrated

The mobile agent can be signed by platform keys and preinstalled in the device firmware

• Safe

Data are transferred through HTTPS protocol, no third-party access to data

Benefits of Enterprise Version

  • Restriction of mobile user’s permissions
  • Plugins: images, location, and more
  • Kiosk mode: run your devices in single-task mode
  • Lost devices management: lock and factory reset
  • Unattended remote control and screen mirroring
  • Web traffic control
  • Improved safety for Samsung Knox devices
  • Premium support and free setup of the on-premise solution
  • Adaptation to custom Android devices (POS, STB, terminals)

Any more questions? Our MDM experts are happy to help you onboarding. Talk to an expert