Powerful Open Source Platform for Corporate Android Device

  • Easy bulk enrollment by scanning a QR code
  • Automatic application deployment and update
  • Effective restriction of user permissions

What’s this and how does it work?

If your remote employees are using Android tablets or smartphones, this corporate mobile device management (MDM) software is probably exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Headwind MDM is a “corporate shell” for your company’s Android devices, a useful and necessary tool for an IT managers or system administrators.

1 Environment setup

System administrator sets up mobile apps required for work

2 Device enrollment

User scans the QR code provided by the administrator, and the mobile device is automatically configured

3 Usage by staff

Usage of the mobile device is restricted to required apps only

Spare your resources!

Headwind MDM optimizes employee work hours!

Each managed device may save up to 4 – 6 user hours and 1 – 2 IT manager hours per month.

100 managed devices =

up to 800 saved hours per month!

  • More efficient workflow
  • No conflicts with IT managers
  • Higher employee loyalty

Why Headwind MDM?

• Open-source

Headwind MDM Community is published on GitHub. Enterprise licenses with open source are available

• Standalone

The software doesn’t use any cloud services. It can run on your premises, even without Internet connection (LAN or VPN)

• Integrated

The mobile agent can be signed by platform keys and preinstalled in the device firmware

• Safe

Data are transferred through HTTPS protocol, no third-party access to data

Benefits of Enterprise Version

  • Restriction of mobile user’s permissions
  • Plugins: images, location, device info and more
  • Kiosk mode: run your devices in single-task mode
  • Lost devices management: reset and lock
  • Extra features on Samsung Knox devices
  • Premium support and free setup of the on-premises solution
  • Adaptation to custom Android devices (POS, STB, terminals)

Any more questions? We’re happy to assist you. Please contact us for details!