Function Community Cloud Premium Enterprise
QR code based setup
Silent application management
Custom launcher with managed desktop
Push notifications
API for third party apps (logs, configuration)
Setting up device policies (GPS, Bluetooth, etc)
Getting detailed device information
Blocking unwanted applications and settings
Factory reset, lock, reboot the device
Kiosk mode
Bulk device setup (export and import
Tracking the device locations
Manage contacts
Getting photos from devices
Knox Mobile Enrollment support
Remote control & screen mirroring*
URL filtering & Ad blocking*
Two-factor authentication*
Multi-tenant operation
Customer follow-ups
Integration with LDAP
Open source client and server
On-premise installation
Maintain a custom code branch
Installation on the LAN / closed network
Adaptation to a custom device
Help to set up the cluster
Cloud service (device limit) 3** acc. to license 300** 500**
Cloud service (storage limit) 100 Mb** 500 Mb** 3 Gb** 5 Gb**
On-premise (device limit) unlimited N/A unlimited unlimited
On-premise (domain limit) unlimited N/A 1 acc. to license***

* Remote access and URL filtering plugins are available in the Premium package for the additional cost of $590.

** These limits are applied to your account at (shared MDM server). If you install Headwind MDM on your premises, the amount of connected devices is not limited (also when you’re using the Community version).

*** The license doesn’t limit the number of installations, however the technical support is provided to a limited number of domains. Please ask the sales representative for details.