Update order

We recommend to update the system in the following order:

1. First, update the launcher

2. Second, update the web panel

Android app (launcher) upgrade instructions

1. Sign in to your web panel, open the Configurations tab, and create a test configuration by duplicating a work configuration.

2. Open the Devices tab and assign a few test devices to this configuration.

3. Download the launcher APK to your computer.

4. Upload the launcher to your web panel. Open the “Applications” tab, click “Add”, then upload the APK file in the popup window. Click “OK” to complete the uploading.

5. Select the configurations on which you’d like to update the launcher (or click Cancel to skip this step).

6. The launcher must be automatically downloaded and updated on each device. If it won’t, tap the “Refresh” button on the device to force download and update.

7. Check how the new version works. If everything is working well, update the launcher in other configurations. Open the “Applications” tab, find the launcher (com.hmdm.launcher) and click the “Configurations” icon.

Web panel upgrade instructions

To avoid major faults, please update the launcher to the latest version prior to updating the web panel!

To update an outdated instance of Headwind MDM administration panel to the latest version, please perform these steps.

1. Download the WAR file to your server (the package on the website is a ZIP file containing the WAR file and instructions; unzip this file to extract the WAR file)

2. Make a backup of the XML configuration file (if you didn’t already do that):

cp /var/lib/tomcat9/conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml /var/lib/tomcat9/conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml~

3. Copy the WAR file to /var/lib/tomcat9/webapps/ROOT.war (the name may also be hmdm.war, check the /var/lib/tomcat9/webapps/ directory contents to be 100% sure)

4. Restart Tomcat to apply changes:

service tomcat9 restart

5. Open the web panel and make sure it’s working well. If you’re getting a 404 error, restore the XML config file from the backup.

Notice: if you want to backup the existing WAR file, do not save the backup in the webapps directory! It will be automatically deployed by Tomcat, which results in consuming resources and issues with Push notifications. Use another directory, or change the backup file extension, for example, ROOT.war.backup.