Features of Enterprise Edition

Headwind MDM Enterprise includes all features of the Community edition and more:

  • Protection against opening mobile device settings
  • Protection against running unwanted applications
  • Running the mobile device in kiosk mode
  • Delivery of photos from mobile devices to the server
  • Collecting the detailed information about the mobile device
  • Protection against running unwanted applications
  • Remote reset of devices to factory settings
  • Bulk device setup using Excel lists
  • Cloud hosting
  • Installation and deployment services
  • Premium technical support
  • Discounts for custom plugin development

The Professional edition has the same features as the Enterprise edition. The only difference is that the Professional edition limits the number of devices the company can connect.


Headwind MDM Enterprise server is delivered as an open-source software (the code is provided to customers only).

The mobile application for the Professional edition isn’t open-source because it contains the protection and licensing code.