What would you like to install/update?

Headwind MDM binary installer – click if you’re doing a new installation

Web panel WAR file – click if you’re doing a web panel update

Android application (launcher) – click if you’re doing a launcher update

Already tried to install and need more details? Follow the advanced manual and setup Headwind MDM web panel working through HTTPS.

Install from a binary installer (Ubuntu/Debian)

Notice: The binary installer works on Ubuntu (or Debian) Linux only. However, you can install Headwind MDM on any OS. Download the archive containing web panel WAR file and read INSTALL-MANUAL.txt for details.

1. Install required software

# sudo apt update
# sudo apt install -y aapt tomcat9 postgresql vim

2. Make sure Tomcat is running

# telnet localhost 8080
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

(if you get “Connection refused” error, fix the installation issue)

3. Create the PostgreSQL database and user

# sudo su postgres
# psql
postgres=# CREATE USER hmdm WITH PASSWORD 'topsecret';
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE hmdm WITH OWNER=hmdm;
postgres=# \q

4. Run the installer script (as root)

# sudo ./hmdm_install.sh

5. On success, the installer script provides you with the URL. Open Headwind MDM in browser.

Web panel upgrade instructions

To upgrade already installed web panel version:

1. Download the WAR file to your server (unzip the archive if needed)

2. Copy the WAR file to /var/lib/tomcat9/webapps/ROOT.war (the name may also be hmdm.war, check the /var/lib/tomcat9/webapps/ directory contents to be 100% sure)

3. Restart Tomcat to apply changes:

service tomcat9 restart

Notice: if you want to backup the existing file, do not save the backup in the webapps directory! It will be automatically deployed by Tomcat, which results in consuming resources and issues with Push notifications. Use another directory, or change the backup file extension, for example, ROOT.war.backup.

Android app (launcher) upgrade instructions

1. Sign in to your web panel and open the “Applications” tab.

2. Click “Add”, then either upload the APK file or copy the URL from our website.

3. Click “OK” to upload the file.

4. Select the configurations on which you’d like to update the launcher (or click Cancel to skip this step).

5. The launcher must automatically download and update itself on each device. If it won’t, tap the “Refresh” button on the device to force download and update.

6. Some Android devices will ask to choose the default launcher. Select “Headwind MDM Launcher” as default.